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​Refractory applications most often apply to high heat environments – typically over 1,700F and sometimes easily pushing 4,000F on a sustained basis. Most products in this category are considered non-Portland based binders and are generally used only for high heat tolerance and performance. The most common and widely used classification would be Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC), but there are others such as Clay or Ceramic Composites.


We have worked with all the binder materials which make up this category and as such confidently state that the Miracon® polymer entrainer technology works as easily and predictably with these products as with any of the other binders covered in this site – OPC or non-OPC.


For better/easier placement in molds regardless of configuration, lower water requirement, better bonding performance, better compaction, better matrix formations, better surface properties Etc. – our polymer entrainer is the best and lowest cost ingredient to use.

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