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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Cementing as well as Nitrogen Gas Entrainment

​Since 2011, Miracon® has been developing an oilfield application for entrainment of cement in well bores. It is not unique to use (Nitrogen Gas ) entrainment in an Oil and Gas cementing job today, so the process technology developed by Miracon® and marketed under the name ThixoPro® is an industry improvement in both cost, and, most importantly, performance.


ThixoPro® is a patented, engineered, closed cell foamed cement system. The ThixoPro® system provides real tangible value in two areas of oilfield cementing: placement of slurry and integrity of set cement.


The ThixoPro® system acts like lubricated ball bearings, reducing the friction pressure. The integrity of the set cement designed with ThixoPro® is improved by prevention of material settling (or shrinkage) and gas channeling. This protects the fresh water from contamination during fracking and other operations. The resulting foamed cement, specific to using ThixoPro®, has better, more uniform,  performance properties which include greater strength, better flexibility and bonding throughout the well casing.

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