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Architectural Precast

Universal Precast Parks

Just as described with non-structural precast, Architectural Precast has a very broad range of products. Typically meeting strengths of structural products, this category is generally considered very special, often customizing products for a specific job.

Durability performance requirements are often part of the engineering specification. Enhanced flow properties begin to be significant when the Miracon® product is loaded at 4% or more. The improved rheological property that results from using the Miracon® product at this loading level also provides enhanced mortar fraction – which is absolutely one of the most critical properties in Architectural Precast – needed to insure great aesthetics to the face/ surface of the product.

Typically poured in form systems, aesthetics as well as strength properties are enhanced – and more so with regard to consistency/repeatability certainly than with any other type of air entrainer – to provide products that meet specs re: aesthetics as well as performance. 

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