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Miracon's® Operating System

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MiraManager is Miracon’s® proprietary software which allows us to remotely support our client plant-based systems - 24/7. Importantly, with our program capabilities, we are monitoring the detailed efficiency of every system – in real time. If there is a problem with any parameter of our system, we are instantly notified on mobile (phones) as well as corporate based computer system. When a notification is received, we are typically notified of which customer location and at that location exactly what aspect of the system is not performing to our specification. Any needed corrections/ adjustments are quickly made and recorded. A record is automatically generated and maintained with detail every time the system operates. Most often, by this ability to diagnose efficiency, problems are avoided and remedy is easily and quickly implemented.

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Repeatability / Predictability – and – Timely Feedback/ Recording

​Once the desired amount for any mix is determined, it can become part of the fixed prescription for the mix. Daily or seasonal temperature changes do not require adjustments to the Miracon® ToughAir® or CapCell® yield efficiency.

There is no guess to determine whether  the volume requested is dispensed/loaded in the mix. The amount requested is prescribed in the batch or mix as it is loaded by the operator – either through his preference to load materials in a manual mode or a fully automated mode. Then confirmation of the total volume dispensed is recorded. No need to wonder if the liquid to make the air went completely into the mix. The Miracon® system confirms a requested amount, and then when it has dispensed, it confirms amount actually dispensed.

As mentioned, many, in fact most, of the variables that typically affect ALL other air entrainers, are not of concern in determining yield or quality of air entrainment with ToughAir® or CapCell®. As with any material or mix there are certain material and/or ingredient standards (e.g. ASTM's, AASTO's, ACI's etc.) and parameters which are relevant to insure desired/designed performance - and these are typically the same parameters for Miracon® ToughAir® or CapCell®.


Seamless Integration

Our automated system integrates right in to any automated mixer/ batching system. In this manner, a customer does load or dispense our product in the desired volume, at the desired time or sequence, just like any of the other materials in a mix. Confirmation of dispense completion, typically indicated by “0” bottle, is confirmed.

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