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Non-Portland Binders/ Composite Systems

A sample of Gypsum test peices we do at Miracon Technologies


​Fly Ash – Class C or F


CSA – Calcium Sulfoaliminate


MgO – Magnesium Oxide

Supersulfinated Cements




There are a large number of products which comprise this category. Which one is used is typically based upon either availability or specialty performance or both. Many of these products have significant benefits that accrue when used as part of a composite. As good as these products are in their performance, Miracon’s® products are the only entrainer technology on the market that will work predictably at low or high loading levels with many of these additives. Of course, in addition to the stability, predictability, Non-Newtonian rheology, etc.,  the Miracon® Polymer-Based entrainers provide superior cell size and spacing.

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