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Only 4%-60% ToughAir® By Volume...

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Common Product Benefits Available Using

Miracon® ToughAir®.

4% - 8% ToughAir® by volume In Air-entrained Mixes. ToughAir® is designed to be stable and predictable in light of typical daily/seasonal ambient and material temperature fluctuations. Miracon’s® ToughAir® dosage remains the same through seasonal temperature and humidity changes. In addition, due to its chemical and mechanical properties, ToughAir® typically lowers water demand while maintaining desired workability/slump which leads to strength optimization and, frequently, cement savings. Most importantly, Miracon® ToughAir® is ideally suited for use in severe freeze-thaw environments per its ASTM C260 certification.

4% - 6% ToughAir® by volume In Typically Non-Air Mixes. The viscoelastic properties of ToughAir® concrete significantly improve placement time, work-ability, and finish/surface aesthetics as well as performance properties. Concrete with ToughAir® is non-sticky/non-drag in hard-troweled applications making finishing easier, faster and with fewer finish-technique related problems. In addition, water reduction and aggregate replacement lead to lower material cost for the producer.

7% - 10% ToughAir® by volume In Grout Mixes. Grout mixes are typically characterized by their high cementitious content as well as higher-than-average water cement ratios. Typically in grout, water (more so than admixtures) is needed to provide the flow and compaction properties required. This can lead to mix instability and excessive bleed-water migration. Miracon®, because of its low surface tension has

a dramatic influence on flow which greatly reduces the water requirement and negates mix instability.

12% - 35% ToughAir® by volume - In High Strength Lightweight Mixes. Use of Miracon’s® ToughAir® in structural lightweight mixes typically reduces the amount of lightweight aggregate required by at least 50% to 60%. Producers and/or contractors alike have characterized these mixes as improving pumping, placement, finishing, reduction and/or elimination of shrinkage cracking and blistering…..all these benefits typically come at a significantly reduced mix cost – as compared to ANY other lightweight mix design. And with ToughAir® , 105pcf density is no more difficult to produce, deliver, pump, etc. than is the industry-standard 118pcf density. Structural lightweight mixes, optimized with Miracon® ToughAir®, are consistently predictable and stable in normal transit times from plant to job.

25% - 40% ToughAir® by volume - In Nonstructural Lightweight Mixes. Many product applications have design needs – in apartment, commercial, etc. for lightweight mixes that consistently achieve at least 1500 psi at less than 100pcf 90pcf,80pcf,etc..Miracon’s® ToughAir® allows for this type of mix to be easily and cost effectively achieved; again considering normal transit time from plant to job.

20% - 80% ToughAir® by volume - In Geotechnical / CLSM Mixes. Miracon® ToughAir® can be tailored to achieve a density that generates desired minimum strength, and at the same time, assures upper strength limits which are typically the foremost design criteria of geotechnical fill. Easily designed and delivered, from plant to job site, with up to 80% air by volume, mixes are predictable and place-able in up to 8’ lifts in a single pour- without concern regarding mix stability – namely

shrinkage or collapse.

6%-10% ToughAir® by volume In Shotcrete Mixes. Typical shotcrete mixes are significantly improved by the thixotropic properties that ToughAir® provides. Rebound is dramatically reduced and the targeted air void content (%) remains predictable throughout the application process. In addition, the enhanced flow property creates less friction through the pump equipment and nozzle which reduces wear and extends service life.

6%-60% ToughAir® by volume In Precast Mixes. For the reasons mentioned above Miracon® ToughAir® is ideal for precast applications. Working within a finite set of mixes and a controlled batch plant setting Miracon® can add great value to the producer’s bottom line through mix optimization, predictability and consistency in improved performance. In industrial precast applications, short of using lightweight additives that cost at least 10 times the cost of Miracon’s® product, ToughAir® is the only alternative to provide uniform density.

Other Products Applications –Well Suited To Miracon® ToughAir®:

  1. Reduced permeability- due to reduction in bleed channels formed during early hydration stage

  2. Reduced Water/Cement Ratio

  3. Uniform & Repeatable Air content/product density

  4. Reduced shrinkage

  5. Reduced curling

  6. (Water) bleed control

  7. Better material consolidation/compaction

  8. Rheology – only air to provide viscoelastic properties to a mix

  9. Freeze/ Thaw properties

  10. Economically efficient -compared to any other lightweight system

  11. Better bonding to any material – fiber, rebar, aggregate, etc.

  12. Enables uniform thermal efficiency throughout any product

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