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Ready Mixed Concrete Drill Shafts Jobs

drill shafts

This is often considered one of the more challenging concrete mix applications. However, our product can make the critical difference to make things work with predictability and repeatability.
Drill shafts that are more than 70 or 80 or even more than 200 feet deep and maybe 5 or 8 feet wide can be really difficult because they typically use a tremie application where initial concrete is placed at the bottom and then must be flowable for up to 4 hours. So the flow for the uniform placement and good cohesion to the rebar is essential. This is where our technology excels because of the superior  flow properties it provides to the concrete.

Imparting great flow properties to the mix eliminates excess water or excess admixes being used to flow around the steel rebar and insure great bonding properties. Too much admixture added to perform this needed flow property and segregation easily happens. A uniform, flowable, predictable mix is much more easily accomplished with ToughAir® or CapCell® in combination with right/needed water and admixture loading.

Because our entrainment is much more controlled and useful in this type of application, it can be a factor in optimizing the mix to keep it below the heat threshold limit -  which is otherwise often a problem due to the vertical mass of this type of product.

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