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The technology utilizes a cell to capture and manage the CO2 hence defining CAPCELL™ . We generate a polymeric bubble that “Locks” in the CO2. This prevents it from reacting with the free water when concrete is first mixed.
See all the Ready Mixed Concrete applications HERE.

CLSM, Shotcrete, Drill Shafts, Highway, Bridges, Structural Light Weight, Pumping, Air Stability with Transit & Mining
​This is a very broad category in terms of the spectrum of products and markets. Again, Miracon ToughAir® or CapCell® are well suited to enhance manufacturing, placement and end-product performance across the full range.
Durability performance requirements are often part of the engineering specification. Enhanced flow properties begin to be significant when the Miracon product is loaded at 4% or more. The improved rheological property that results from using the Miracon product at this loading level also provides enhanced mortar fraction – which is absolutely one of the most critical properties in Architectural Precast – needed to insure great aesthetics to the face/ surface of the product.
There are a large number of products which comprise this category. Which one is used is typically based upon either availability or specialty performance or both. Many of these products have significant benefits that accrue when part of a composite , such as low heat when curing, low shrinkage, and/or mitigating other performance issues such as ASR.
For better surface properties, better compaction, better matrix formations, better/easier placement in molds regardless of configuration, lower water requirement, Etc. – our Polymer Entrainer is the best and lowest cost ingredient to use.
ThixoPro is a patented, engineered, closed cell foamed cement system. The ThixoProsystem provides real tangible value in two areas of oilfield cementing: placement of slurry and integrity of set cement.
Come and take a look at some of the devices we use in our lab. Some of the devices we use were built and engineered by Miracon for a specific purpose.
We can monitor all the major parts of our system remotely for you. We can let you know if there is a problem before you know it.
Browse & download our literature. Subjects such as CO2 Entrained concrete,Concrete Applications Using High-Carbon Fly Ash & more.
Explore our selection of videos that we have taken over time. Videos such as the AVA, Miracon ToughAir & some specialty devices we have developed.
Our Mix Design Program is a tool that we utilize, often as a first step, in evaluating a “best approach” to the design of a mix for a particular application – such as slip-form paving, curb and gutter, architectural wall panels, molded precast, etc.
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Miracon Technologies, LLC® has developed a number of enhancements as well as more than a handful unique product applications for everyday concrete, gypsum and even non-hydraulic binder compositions such as clay. All of these applications are optimized by utilizing our air or gas entrainment system – that is designed to perform with uniformity, repeatability and, of course, predictability. All of this with great economics as compared to any other method used to achieve same end-product specifications. No other entrainment product delivers all of these benefits and, at the same time, can consistently deliver ideal cell size and spacing with regard to the entrainment within any of these mentioned material categories.

Design and control of entrainment in everyday commercial applications is the reason Miracon’s® system, whether using ToughAir® (compressed air) or CapCell® (CO2 gas) or ThixoPro™(compressed air or gas) entrainment, does enable a producer customer the ability to offer a very large spectrum of products that outperform any alternative in terms of quality, consistency and cost.

From standard or common levels of entrainment – i.e. between 4% and 8% - designed and used in order to achieve better flow and/or freeze thaw properties ; Used in heavyweight or structural lightweight applications at up to 30% volume ; and then in  non-structural compositions easy to design and use 40% to 80% entrainment for non-structural applications such as geotechnical, refractory, gypsum or mining.

One company, one system, many applications.

Please visit our site to view information regarding how the ToughAir® or CapCell® or ThixoPro™ product has been, and can be used in many product applications to improve performance as well as cost of the final product.

A brief listing of suitable product applications :

Architectural Precast





Structural Lightweight – Floors ,Walls, Ceilings and Roofing

Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM)

Shotcrete – Lightweight and Denseweight

Drill Shafts


CSA Cements

Magnesium Oxide Cements

Oil and Gas – Well Bore and Surface Cementing



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ThixoPro is a patented, engineered, closed cell foamed cement system. The ThixoProsystem provides real tangible value in two areas of oilfield cementing: placement of slurry and integrity of set cement.

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